Synology - calDAV Setup

Setting up calendars on Synology. I am using the WebDAV package. This package includes calDAV. I cannot use the Calendar package on my old Synology NAS. I think it is time to buy a new NAS.


Please follow the documents below. Feel free to create a new unique SSL certificate for use with calendar. This new SSL certificate will be used for WebDAV and CalDAV. Or you may use the same SSL certificate you use for other services.

  1. Securing Synology NAS
  2. Synology - Map Domain with DDNS
  3. Synology - Setup Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates

Not Using the Calendar Package

I am not using the calendar package from Synology. It isn't supported on my old NAS. But the basics of using calendars on Synology should be the same. I am using calDAV from the WebDAV package.

Basic Setup

My post on setting up WebDAV covers the basics of installing this package. Once that is done, open the WebDAV server application from the main menu. Next click on the 'Calendar' tab. Then 'click' Enable CalDAV and click 'Apply'. See the picture below.

Enable CalDAV
Enable CalDAV

Secure Setup

I will create two groups for calendar access. One will have Read/Write access and the other will only have Read Only access. I will create a shared folder for holding all my calendars that has limited access.

NOTE: The read only access will be used to allow users to access one or more calendars but not allow them to edit the calendar. This is useful if you want to publish a schedule. This is not necessary for most home users.

Shared Folder

First create a shared folder. I will name it 'caldav'. Next create the two new groups described in the next section. Then come back and verify the group permissions for the 'caldav' shared folder.

CalDAV Shared Folder Group Permissions
CalDAV Shared Folder Group Permissions

Create Two New Groups

Create the following two new groups.

  1. caldavRW
  2. caldavRO

The settings are shown below. For the RW group make 'caldav' folder writeable. For the RO group make the 'caldav' folder read only.

CalDAV RW Group Settings
CalDAV RW Group Settings

Create Two New Users

Now create two new users. One user will have read write access. The other user will only have read only access. Make sure you can log into DSM with each user. I am creating the following two users.

  1. cally (RO)
  2. kalel (RW)

The goal is to limit access for each ID to just the 'caldav' shared folder. See the permissions below.RW Calender User Permissions

RW Calender User Permissions

Create a Calendar

I will use Mozilla Thunderbird to create a calendar. But any calendar application should work as long as it supports CalDAV. When you create a new calendar a new folder will be created in the 'caldav' shared folder. I will create 2 calendars. One will be named 'calone' and the second will be named 'caltwo'. These directions assume you have used the default port of 5006. Feel free to change this port. If you use the calendar package from Synology the port will be different. My port is secured by SSL/TLS. Follow the steps below.

Create a New Calendar in WebDAV

First we need to create a new calendar in WebDAV. Launch the WebDAV application from the Synology main menu. Go to the calendar tab. Click 'View calendar list' and then click 'Add'.  Provide a calendar name and select 'caldav' as the destination. See the screen shot below.

Add a New Calendar in WebDAV
Add a New Calendar in WebDAV

When you create 'calone' and 'caltwo' you will have two new folders named 'calone' and 'caltwo' under 'caldav'. Each folder will have the hidden folder '.DAV'. I will publish a new calendar into each directory.

Thunderbird Steps

  • Install Mozilla Thunderbird and launch it
  • Go to "File // New // Calendar" - Choose the following options
    • Locate your calendar = "On the Network"
      • Click Next
    • Format = CalDAV
    • Location =
    • Check "Offline Support"
      • Click Next
    • Name = Choose a descriptive name for you new calendar
      • calone
      • caltwo
    • Color = Choose a color for you new calendar
    • Show Reminders = keep checked
    • Email = none - feel free to add an email address
      • Click Next
    • Now provide your user name and password (RW ID)
    • Click Finish

Repeat these steps for 'caltwo' and any other future calendars.

Publish a New Calendar

  • From Mozilla Thunderbird go to "Events and Tasks // Publish"
  • Choose your calendar and click 'OK'
  • Publishing URLs for 'calone' and 'caltwo'

CalDAV Clients

Now use your favorite CalDAV client and use the URL below to synchronize with your newly created calendar. Use the RW or RO user ID for access.