DSM Mount NTFS USB Drive

Mounting External USB Drive

The disk should mount automatically.  However, it seems I needed to manually mount my first NTFS formatted drive.  As root or via sudo run the following commands.

For more information on identifying the USB drive refer to the Synology documentation on external devices.

NOTE:  As of DSM 6.0 these commands no longer work for me.  The USB drives are automatically mounted.  But I cannot unmount and remount the drive from the command line.  A DSM patch may fix this.  Or there may be another command I need to find.  I have tried to reformat a drive and it still doesn't work.

  • fdisk -l  (Lowercase L)  This will identify the drive.
fdisk -l
fdisk -l
  • In this example my USB drive is /dev/sdq1
  • Mount it with the following:
    • mount -t ntfs /dev/sdq1 /volumeUSB1/usbshare

To unmount the drive run the following command:

  • umount /volumeUSB1/usbshare

DSM SSH as Root

Enabling root SSH access on Synology NAS (DSM)

Enable SSH Access

After upgrading to DSM 6.0 I could no longer SSH as root to my Synology NAS.  This problem may occur again during a future upgrade.  The fix should be similar if not identical.  This assumes you have already enabled SSH access via the GUI.

  • SSH as user with Administrator rights.  (e.g. admin)
  • Run the following:  sudo synouser --setpw root <PASSWORD>  (Note the password must be identical to your admin ID password. Or use the password for a newly created admin user, assuming you have disabled the default 'admin' ID.)