Pahoehoe is a type of lava.  It is also called pillow lava.  I like the word.  For more information on pahoehoe lava check out Wikipedia.

Tech Docs

I used to work at IBM.  I was there for over 15 years.  I spent around 10 years on the Global Deployment team.  This team built out the infrastructure for the web hosting sites.  There were two teams involved in the build out of each site.  The network team and the server team.  I was on the server team.  But I was able to pick up a number of network skills over the years.  The last 5 years I was an IT Architect.  Over the years I wrote over 1000 technical documents.  My goal for this site is to transfer over a number of these documents.  Most of the documents are generic and explain how to set something or install something.  A lot of the documents dealt with securing the OS or various applications.  Some of this information is proprietary and will not be included.


I have uploaded most of my photographs to Google Photos.  They are in various albums and are shared.  However the links to the albums are a royal pain.  I am using my little site to link to my various shared albums.